Living a Life of Change

Hello! Welcome back once more to my blog. It’s hard to imagine that summer is almost  gone when it just felt that yesterday was the beginning, time sure does fly by. This blog post entry is a special one for me because one year ago I posted my first blog post and it’s truly incredible […]

Turning into a new chapter

Today I turn 20 and I honestly couldn’t feel more excited and alive. As I look back at this year of my life, I am amazed with how far I have come, and it inspires me with a renewed sense of purpose and passion to take on the future. One of the many highlights of […]

Life Updates

Hello! Welcome back to my blog, summer is finally here and I have a lot of new and exciting news to share with you. For this blog post I thought I would update you on my life hence the title and also let you know my thoughts on a couple of things that have been […]

What college has taught me

This past week I walked out of my dorm one last time realizing that my sophomore year of college was done and that I was halfway to completing my degree. As I walked outside to put away my luggage and bags I stopped and looked at the sun and the rays of light that were […]

What it means to be a Man

Hello Happy Easter everyone! Thank you so much for coming back to my blog and tuning in to what I have to say, and for those of you who don’t know I am changing my blog post schedule to just once a month. (Read my previous blog post for details) I hope you enjoy what […]

About Instagram: Real Talk

Hi everyone thanks for returning to my blog. I delayed posting this because I wanted to take some time and make sure I have said everything I wanted to say in this blog post, thanks for your patience. In this blog post I am going to share with you some personal thoughts and updates about […]

The Music of Johann Johannsson

  Yesterday February 11th, 2018 I heard about the sudden and unfortunate passing of a beloved film composer and someone I personally admired, Johann Johannsson, he was 48. He was a brilliant film composer whose career spanned decades in the Hollywood industry. Among his finest compositions include the music in Prisoners, Sicario, The Theory of […]