The Music of Johann Johannsson


Yesterday February 11th, 2018 I heard about the sudden and unfortunate passing of a beloved film composer and someone I personally admired, Johann Johannsson, he was 48. He was a brilliant film composer whose career spanned decades in the Hollywood industry. Among his finest compositions include the music in Prisoners, Sicario, The Theory of Everything, Arrival and the wild Darren Aronofsky thriller, Mother. His music mixed classical form and melody with electronic and minimalist structure creating a truly unique sound of his own. When I listen to his music in both movies and independently, I am struck by how emotional yet simple his music is. It is as if he is trying to say as much as he can with as little as needed, a beautiful art form that he has propelled in his own work. The world has truly lost a great musician and I will miss his music greatly. If you haven’t listened to his film scores I personally recommend listening to some of it, there is a story behind every song and soundtrack. My top movies that he scored would be The Theory of Everything and Arrival, both movies deal with the existential question of identity in the universe.

I decided to dedicate one of my improvisations to Johann Johannsson. I have included the video link down below, please listen to it and imagine what story is being told, I think you will find something truly joyful and heartfelt. I want to keep this blog post short, thank you Mr. Johannsson for your music and inspiring me as an aspiring film composer, you will be greatly missed.

Improvisation dedicated to Johann Johannsson

Thank you for reading this.



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