Life Updates

Hello! Welcome back to my blog, summer is finally here and I have a lot of new and exciting news to share with you. For this blog post I thought I would update you on my life hence the title and also let you know my thoughts on a couple of things that have been on my mind lately, let’s begin!

Now that college has ended I have been working at a local supermarket for a couple of weeks now and I plan on working till the end of summer before I go back to my Junior year of college, already an upperclassmen! Working at my job has taught me a lot about not just the work experience but also about life. I love serving customers and people tell me I have a natural ability at being friendly, maybe that’s a generous compliment but I have realized that being kind can have a huge impact on you and other people. I have also learned through my job that I have discovered more of my passion because of working. I believe it was Casey Neistat who said that one of the best ways to find what you love is to do something you hate and I couldn’t agree more. While I wouldn’t say I hate my job because that is very strong, I will say that spending hours cleaning dishes and repeating tasks at work has made me realize that this isn’t what I want to do for the rest of my life and that there is so much passion and drive in me to accomplish so much in life. Right now it is important that I focus and put in the work and effort and I have come to appreciate people who work day in and day out because of my job. And the last thing I will say about this is that I have learned how to be more patient and willing to understand people. Last week I was serving a customer and I greeted him but he didn’t respond to me. I waited but to be quite honest I was a little annoyed so I kind of ignored him, he was also on his phone. Well, little did I know that the customer was actually deaf and he was texting what he wanted to order. I made his order quite surprised at my misjudgment and I wrote him a nice note. That one customer made me realize to never judge someone or their circumstances in life before you really get to know them. Isn’t that funny, life has a way of throwing things at you when you least expect them but they always teach you something valuable about yourself, and I am very grateful for that experience because I can grow and learn from that.

Something that has been on my mind lately is Instagram and the whole community of people that is upset at Instagram because of the algorithm or demonetization or sponsored content etc. Can I just be very honest with you? Instagram doesn’t owe you or any of us anything, they are a gigantic multi billion dollar company that could care less about individual complaints. I get so frustrated when I see people and other influencers especially complaining about the algorithm and how their posts aren’t reaching nearly the same amount before they switched the whole feed from chronological to suggested user preference. I totally understand that people make a living from sponsored content and that the reach and influence of their content greatly affects the performance and monetary payment, but do you really think that complaining is gonna solve the problems? (When has that ever worked?) Sure it stinks, it really does. I can say from my own content that my reach has been about the same for about half a year, but I am choosing to not get upset with this. In fact, I have the complete opposite attitude. Instagram has literally changed my life and I don’t mean to say that in an exaggerated sense, it really has changed the opportunities in my life. Because of Instagram I have had the privilege to work with literally hundreds of brands and share my passion and creativity with many people. What I don’t understand is how some of these big influencers continue to complain about Instagram’s algorithm when they wouldn’t even be big at all if it weren’t for Instagram in the first place. Maybe I am one of few people but I love the simple format and design of Instagram, it’s an app all about connecting people through a visual medium. I am still a huge supporter of Instagram and will continue to believe that Instagram is making a positive difference in the world.

Last month I accomplished a goal I set last year. For those of you who don’t know, last summer I decided to begin a 100 youtube video series of improvising at the piano. Every time I would hit record and sit at the piano and just improvise whatever I felt, no rehearing before and no reshoots. I wanted this experience to be as true to myself as a musician as possible. I finally finished my 100th video on the last day of college and looking back I can say that doing this is one of my greatest accomplishments. I really didn’t know when I started what might happen and how I might change, but I am pleasantly surprised with how much I have grown musically and I will continue to improvise as it is one of those rare spontaneous things that brings joy and peace in my life. (I will link my youtube channel at the end of this blog post if you are interested in checking it out) Also on that note, I am letting you readers in on a little early announcement: I will begin to create music videos! I am deciding to include my own music whether my own compositions or improvisations in the videos and also some classical music. I have always wanted to make some form of music video for quite some time but I never felt like I was ready, but when I thought to myself what was holding me back from beginning I couldn’t really think of a good excuse so now I am starting! I will keep you posted on that 🙂

And lastly, I think it is important for me to share with you my vision and future goals because this space is becoming more and more crowded with people doing the same thing. The fashion and blogging industry is getting more saturated with the same content everyday and what I think is very important now more than ever is to be able to say something from a unique perspective. One of the reasons I decided to change my blogging schedule from once a week to only once a month was because I personally felt that my writing was being too much absorbed in the passive content out there. I want my writing to really mean something and I decided that once a month will allow myself and you as the reader the time to really speak what it needs to say. I blog and do menswear because I have found a passion for it, but please don’t ever do something because other people are doing it or because you don’t love it. My advice to anyone out there wanting to dabble their feet in this crazy industry would be to do it because you love it and stick with it for some time because you won’t see results in the short term. As much as I like to be active on social media, my music and self comes before that. I enjoy showcasing the highlights of my life not because I want to show a perfect version of me (which doesn’t exist) but because that is my choice and I have realized that in the end it is completely my decision and I hope that is the same with you.


Thank you for reading this.


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